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Facility Solutions

We have been servicing senior retirement homes, group homes, nursing homes, and assisted living facilities in our community for over 50 years. We provide each of our facilities with choices on packaging, electronic medical records systems, and specific delivery times that are tailored to each facilitys needs. Each facility is provided with an account representative who will work with your team on a daily basis. Ohligers also provides cart conversions, cart audits, continuing education, reports, and automatic shipment of drug supplies. We understand the unique demands of long-term care and commit to giving you the best, most cost-effective service.

Packaging Solutions

  • Traditional bubble cards
  • Ohliger Pac multi-dose strip

Medical Record options

  • We provide a variety of different formats and forms for traditional MARs, physicians orders, treatment records.
  • Our computer system interfaces with nearly every E-mar company.
  • We provide every facility with access to an internet-based web portal to access the patient’s profile: WebConnect®

    Delivery Service

    • Set your delivery schedule for the best times that are needed for your medication pass.
    • Same assigned driver for your facility every day.

    Why are We Better?

    Keeping your patients and staff satisfied is especially important to us. Our pharmacists and technicians will work together with your nursing staff and physician to provide the exceptional care that each patient deserves. Ohliger’s is the name that you can trust to provide the most personable, accurate, efficient, and reliable service for you and your team.

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    Phone: (440) 777-6200
    Toll Free: (877) 734-7345
    Fax: (440) 734-7340

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